What is Single Stream Recycling

Single stream recycling is fast gaining in popularity among all the recycling systems out there. Single stream recycling is replacing the traditional multiple-stream recycling programs in order to maximize results within various environments. In this system, all reusable materials are collected into one container. These materials will then be transported by waste haulers that are equipped with trucks featuring automated mechanisms for gathering all material into one compartment. The hauler will then transport these materials to a material recovery factory for sorting purposes. They would be reprocessed by manufacturers into new commodities like napkins, office supplies and newspaper.

Latest statistics show that shifting to single stream recycling could increase efficiency of the whole process by at least 30%. The recycling recovery rate of the single stream program is doubled that of multiple-stream recycling programs. The recycling recovery rate is the ratio between the amount of raw material recycled and the final product received as recycled material. In order for the system to achieve 100% successful results, there should be highly efficient MRF Recycling centers established in specific locations throughout the country. Material Recycling Facilities (MRF) will assist in receiving and sorting out municipal and commercial waste to recover recyclable materials such as metal, plastic, glass, paper, wood and green waste. Materials that cannot be recycled will be directly taken to the landfill by the MRF’s.

If you are to achieve success with any recycling project, you need to use the most up-to-date recycling equipment in the process. VAN DYK Recycling Solutions, http://vdrs.com, is one of the most technologically advanced recycling equipment manufacturers in the U.S. Today, they are the leaders in developing turnkey recycling systems for e-waste, single stream, C&D, MSW Processing and plastic recycling. They have more than 2,400 recycling systems installed with the largest MRF’s in North America. Contact them for all your recycling requirements right now.

Apartments For Rent in Jacksonville FL Where Quality Comes First

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The Camera Lens Mug

Being a professional cameraman is not easy at times. It is so tiring working for extended hours when the workload is high. I specialize in wildlife photography, and it makes my work even more difficult than usual. I travel extensively in search of exotic wildlife destinations locally and internationally. One thing that I love the most is my Camera Lens Mug. I purchased this mug for $12.95, and it resembles a high priced camera gear. No one would think that it is a mug by looking at it.

The camera lens mug is an attractive thermos that helps to keep my drinks warm and fits right with the rest of my professional camera equipment. It works with hot and cold drinks too. The mug will hold up to 12 ounces of liquid. It is ideal for professional and amateur photographers alike. The mug looks similar to one of those high priced DSLR camera gear you own. It is a great gift to be given to a photography lover. The versatile mug has an over-sized lid which can be used as a coaster to keep the thermos stable. It is one of the best possessions that a photography lover should own.

Crossfit Garage Gym Information And Ideas

Have a nice garage area that could be a great location for a Crossfit garage gym? Well, this is a great spot to start in order to understand what is required to finish the fitness center. You may have a lot of garage gym ideas in your pocket, but Crossfit is the best way to go in order to get excellence.

Medicine Balls

Yeah, you’d be amazed as to how much you can do with only medicine balls. Get a range of heavy medicine balls and start seeing effects in your routine. A quality garage area fitness center will definitely have them lying around in order to get the most out of your workouts.

Squat Stands

Thinking about training heavy? You’ll find three important motions and one of them are squats. When you’re performing squats, you need the holders set up to stay as secure as possible. This will ensure the weight does not crush you in your garage area fitness center. This really is an almost required investment for individuals who are definitely going to be squatting.

The right garage area fitness center will definitely have these parts of equipment in them because they are necessary in the modern age. Most regimens will require them and that’s where all of the effects are.

The Best Frames For Pallet Forks

Pallet forks are awesome for handling all sorts of goods, be it you operate a warehouse or you run a business that implies moving and storage of pallets.

If you need some really reliable pallet fork frames for your forklifts, take a look at models number S3048 and E3048, as they may be exactly what you need. They are perfect for usage together with any class 2 fork mount, provided that you choose a standard ITA mount. This is the beauty of these parts: they can be delivered either with universal mount or with euro style mount. If you already have the forks, you’ll be happy you won’t need to buy new ones. It’s goo when you can reuse some parts because it helps you save money.

If you rather need a multipurpose frame, go for S4548C and E4548C. This frame is suitable for both forks and spears and it also comes in two variants of mount, so that you can use your old spears and forks if you already have them.

Prices and other information are available on request, so in case you are interested, you need to contact the company Ag-Go and ask them to send you a quote.